Context Inquisition

Why would anyone pick up a book when you could simply ingest the same information with much less effort through a screen?

The opposite of books

According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of people are visual learners. With the growth and expansion of access to technology why wouldn’t we put all our eggs in that basket as the best format for learning?

It’s only logical to use our time as efficiently as possible; there’s a reason online learning resources and methods for learning are becoming increasingly popular.


After a long day of working, what could be more relaxing than lounging on one’s couch absorbed in a screen?



The experience of going back to school can be overwhelming, yet for some, it’s an exciting opportunity to involve oneself in learning at a deep level. The fresh smells, new books, new styles, and reunions with old friends can feel revitalizing after having taken time off. It’s a very colorful, fun aesthetic that reminds me of craft making as a young child.


The experience of excitement for learning is not something most adults get to experience as often anymore. Children do not always see the opportunity as so exciting partially because they cannot recognize what a short portion of their lives will be consumed by this opportunity. They see adulthood rather than discovery as freedom.